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Why will an Alaskan woman blog for Posted by PeggeBernecker at 3/26/2009 7:37 PM CDT at

For starters, in a virtual world with a 5,000 mile driving distance between Alaska and Texas, the undeniable power of technology now bridges time and place. This is significant to me.

While the time difference is three hours, and the geography is distinctly different (Mount Redoubt, a volcano fifty miles from me has just erupted) similarities do exist between here and there. Both are vast states, with a landscape that is sturdy and rugged. Densities of population exist in central areas, along with scattered outlying communities, and wide open spaces with an expansive horizon. A diversity of race, ethnicity, socio-economic, and education among people is present. Vivid light and artistic contributions flourish. There are many more parallels than meet the eye at first glance.

Back to the question at hand: why will an Alaskan woman spend time writing for the Houston Chronicle’s new Web site about faith? The answer is to begin a conversation and acquaint myself with you. I am preparing for a trip to Houston during April 15-21, 2009. I’ll attend the 2009 North American events sponsored by Spiritual Directors International where workshops will be offered around the theme of “Being Present.” I am always searching for significance among ordinary, everyday life events. I wonder if you do too?

I occasionally ponder the inner human landscape of sensation, emotion, thought and experience, and the correlation to an outer landscape of the world where we move, breathe, and inhabit the minutes and hours of day and night. The landscapes of Alaska and Texas capture my interest. Do you wonder about the connection between the inner and outer landscape of your life?

Please share your generous Texas hospitality with me and one another as I open my heart and ponderings to you over the next few weeks and beyond through HoustonBelief. Where do you find significance and meaning within your home, workplace, and community? What resources do you share with others? Will you welcome the strangers that live and travel within your midst?

I look forward to beginning a conversation with you.

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